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Smoke generators


A smoke generator is a hermetic, low maintenance device in which as a result of low temperature carbonization of dry chips (humidity 12 ÷ 20%, temperature 360 °C) a curing smoke is produced. The smoke does not exceed the temperature of 54 °C at the generator’s output and is a dry smoke what results in high gloss of the cured meat products.It’s a special made device to make sure that the generated  smoke is without any negative chemical substracts ( f.e.formaldehyds). It means that the smoke is “clean and healthy” .


Type of the used wood strongly influences the colour of the product. Wood of oak or alder gives golden-yellow and brown colouring. Our curing chips - alder, beech and their mixtures with constant granulation and humidity allow to keep constant humidity and smoke temperature during whole smoking process. Simultaneously, they keep the abundance of the highest essence of natural wood.

The smoke generator is made from stainless and heat-resisting steel what makes cleaning very easy. The smoke generator provides continuous control of the low temperature carbonization temperature of the smoking chips:

  • 280 °C - heating,
  • 400 °C - intensive smoking with smooth airflow regulation.

The device is also equipped with automatic fire system based on temperature and level sensors.

Incandescent smoke generators produced by REX-POL are prepared to work with every type of smokehouse and curing and maturing chamber available on the market.

REX-POL offers also the technology of liquid smoke without emission of contamination into the atmosphere (no tar and ash).


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