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Thermal afterburner

Coming against more and more restrictive environmental requirements regarding harmful gases emission, REX-POL offers a device that significantly decreases emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere.

A smoke is a substance consisting of many gaseous components, steams from liquids and some part of solid particles (smuts). Amount of smoke and type of contained chemical compounds depends on the smoke generating agent and combustion conditions. Chemical composition of smoke obtained from combustion of chips mixture looks as follows:

  • resinous compounds,
  • formaldehyde,
  • higher aldehydes,
  • ketones,
  • formic acid,
  • acetic acid,
  • water and alcohols.

Thermal afterburner can be applied in almost all types of chambers produced everywhere in the world. Depending on the height of room it can be situated direct on the chamber’s roof, between floors or on the roof of the main construction. Three types of power supply can be used with thermal afterburner:

  • electric,
  • oil,
  • gas.


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